Fuel and Risk Management

When customers demand the security of a price protection program to safeguard them against volatile market conditions, The Plaza Marine Group is ready to help.

The Plaza Marine Group will work to develop a balanced risk management program for you that offers protection for both the dealer and the consumer. Our risk management tools are among the most inventive and flexible, and are supported by an experienced sales team.

The Plaza Marine Group offers the following risk management programs:

Fixed Price Contracts – Lock in a fixed price to take delivery for future months purchased.

Basis Contracts – Customer has the ability to lock in a differential. Customer pulls the trigger on the merc at a later date.

Prompt Contracts – Lock in the price today. If the market is down, customer participates immediately in a lower price. Ten (10) days to pull the gallons.

Vessel and Operations Management:

  • Insurance
  • Quality and Quantity
  • Vetting our customer barges
  • Burn Savings