ECA Marpol Annex VI

Regulation Summary

MARPOL, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, is concerned with preventing marine pollution from ships. Specifically, Annex VI of MARPOL addresses air pollution from ocean-going ships. The international air pollution requirements of Annex VI establish limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx & SOx) emissions and require the use of fuel with lower sulfur content, protecting people’s health and the environment by reducing ozone-producing pollution, which can cause smog and aggravate asthma. The requirements apply to vessels operating in U.S. waters as well as ships operating within 200 nautical miles of the coast of North America, also known as the North American Emission Control Area (ECA).

Outside an ECA established to limit SOx
and particulate matter emissions
Inside an ECA established to limit SOx
and particulate matter emissions
4.50% m/m prior to 1 January 2012 1.50% m/m prior to 1 July 2010
3.50% m/m on and after 1 January 2012 1.00% m/m on and after 1 July 2010
0.50% m/m on and after 1 January 2020* 0.10% m/m on and after 1 January 2015

Plaza Products & Solutions

Plaza Marine carries ECA compliant fuel throughout our supply locations. Custody transfer, storing and handling of fuel is carefully monitored to ensure product integrity of the fuels ordered. Delivered products are accompanied with a Marpol Annex VI compliant bunker delivery ticket to certify product quality. Please contact a sales representative with any questions you may have.